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  3. emogod420:

    i can’t believe we’re living in a post post-meme society like how long did we go hating memes 6 months? 4 months? and then ironically loving memes happened and now look where we are look at what we’ve done

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  5. missthelma:

    Carte postale du matin☀️ (à Annecy)

    Cool to see my hometown on my dash, been away for 1 mounth


  6. h8moshofficial:

    gonna marry yung lean’s mom 

    so I can ground that dude for life

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  10. disgustingmusic:

    Today I explained my new german flatmate what type of music my band plays. I started from Punk, saying that when it goes faster and angrier it becomes Hardcore, that when becomes slower and more introspective becomes Emo, that when goes back to being kinda angry and desperate becomes Screamo. 

    One week ago I explained a uni student the differences between French, Italian and German screamo. 

    I am a role model.

  11. deadghosty:

    winter solstice & summer solstice

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  14. religiousdad:

    babies are created by the capitalist corporations to sell more diapers and baby products

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    Mike Winkleman

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