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    hello I brought your memes. all 420 of them

    now this is the internet content that i have been waiting for

    I greatly enjoy 420official's unique online brand; a healthy mixture of both edgy and comforting content. While viewing this image, I feel like I am “in on the joke”, per se; that meme humor has been elevated beyond its origins and is now enjoyed by certain niches for reasons entirely unrelated to what was intended. I will reblog this post, as if I am stating "this is what I want to represent me. I identify with this person holding a piece of cardboard that says ‘memes’ and will use this image to further sculpt my preferred online aesthetic". With any luck, my followers will feel the same way and the process will repeat itself.

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  3. didnt want to do this

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    the headers on the beach boys wiki make them sound like a small troubled nation 

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    Physical media interfaces for game consoles (1991–95).  View more in this changelog for XE (Multi System Emulator) →

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    Nick Edwards.

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    a bird delivering a twig to its house

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    My spread for Nobrow 9! The theme was “It’s Oh So Quiet”

    I’m so excited to be in this issue, there’s a ton of great artists that I love in there (and a fair amount of MICA alums!) and I’m delighted to be a part of the lineup. It comes out in April, but is available for preorder now!
    Heads up—I’ll also have this image available as a free postcard at MoCCA if you stop by my table (F17) this weekend!

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    Chasing Summer

    Antonio Ysura

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    the new EBBITS takes a look at the worlds most mysterious artform

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